Comedy Club 4 Kids dude, Tiernan Douieb is excited…

Newport eh? Much better than the old one. That’s what I’ve heard. Not that I’ve ever seen the old one but I presume it was, er, well, old. That’s normally the reason for building new ones isn’t it? And now it’s all new and shiny and has steel sculptures and things, so well done everyone involved.

I’ll be honest, I haven’t seen much of Newport on previous visits, bar from a carpark and The Riverfront where I spoke to some haematology nurses and a man who sold leather. Bloody tough jobs, literally. But this will change for when arriving at Comedy Port I shall endeavour to see all of the sights Newport has to give. According to Wikipedia I could go see Fourteen Locks. I hope they are all different types of locks for bikes and such otherwise I’ve probably seen that many already just on doors all over the place. The Transporter Bridge sounds amazing, and I hope, just like in the Jason Statham films, crossing it will reveal immense action montages.

Lastly, I’ll probably visit the Roman Legion museum in Caerleon as I like Romans. Well I like Café Nero anyway, so that’s probably enough. Essentially it will be an awesome day. What would make it more awesome is if you bring all the smaller denizens of Newport to Comedy Club 4 Kids at The Riverfront on 15th October at 2pm. There will be stand up for small people and big people who don’t like the swearing. Maybe bring your own locks? We might have more than 14 altogether and could get our own Wikipedia entry?

Buy tickets for Tiernan’s show Comedy Club 4 Kids here. He’ll be bringing other, very funny comedians for kids with him.


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