Iain Peebles is not your typical bloke…

I’d be the first to admit I’m not the most blokey person you’re ever likely to meet. I don’t drink lager, I’m not that bothered about cars outside of their ability to get me from A to B and I do try my best not to objectify women on a regular basis. But like most ‘blokes’ I do hold a deep seated suspicion of contemporary dance. Well, of any kind of dance to be honest.

And dance is exactly what New Art Club are about. The duo of Pete Shenton and Tom Roden formed New Art Club in 2001 but have been working together since 1995. Their breakthrough came in 2003 with the hilarious spoof on modern dance, This is Modern. Since then they’ve been successfully combining dance and comedy, successfully straddling both worlds since 2008 when they took their show to the Edinburgh Fringe for the first time.

Last year’s show was entitled This is Now. It was/is a deconstruction of the first Now That’s What I call Music album. The poster featured the duo in gaudy leotards complete with ridiculous expressions on their faces. I can recall taking all this in and making my mind up instantly. This was going to be dreadful. I had agreed to go so I tried not to grumble but I was sure of myself. I wasn’t going to enjoy this nonsense one bit. It must have taken New Art Club all of about 2 minutes to break through the metaphorical brick wall of cynicism I had built up around myself and have me doubled up in my seat, laughing like a loon. I am thoroughly looking forward to them returning to Comedy Port on Thursday and I’ll be in the front row, wearing lycra.

Iain Peebles is a Comedy Port volunteer.  Big Bag of Boom by New Art Club will be at The Riverfront at 7pm on Friday 14 October. Click for more info and to book.


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