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Tin Shed shape-shift shop into space ship for Comedy Port opening night…

Tin Shed Theatre Company got Comedy Port off to a space-age start last night with Launch Pad – a scratch comedy night curated by the theatre company. The Newport University graduates decked out the U.R.B.A.N Empty Shops Project to literally provide lift-off for the second year of Newport’s very own comedy festival.

The company have been heavily involved in the festival since its beginnings last year and performed the highly talked about show, TAXI. This year, the company wanted to curate their own show and so we let them.

Some of the acts that took part in Launch Pad were Elvis Preseli, Dan Rowley, Dangerous Ryan, Francesca Word Salad and more.

You next chance to see the company is tonight with The Life and Times of Albert Lymes. It’s a one-man show from Justin Cliffe from Tin Shed. He took the show to Edinburgh this year, to much acclaim. Come along and support this vital young company who’s sole purpose seems to be to provide Newport with fun, unusual events and happenings!

For tickets to The Life and Times of Albert Lymes click here, call The Riverfront on 01633 656679 or turn up at 21-22 John Frost Square this evening and buy your tickets on the door. They are £5 each and all of the money goes to the company. Let’s do it people. Comedy Port happens but once a year! It’s time to put the port back on the map for the right reasons.



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Comedy fan Sarah Lethbridge talks of her excitement for Comedy Port 2011…

Big time comedy fan and Comedy Port 2010 audience-goer, Sarah Lethbridge reviews last year’s Taxi by Tin Shed Theatre,  in preparation for this year’s Comedy Port. Tin Shed will be involved and performing again at Comedy Port 2011. Deets at the end of the blog.

“Come to this comedy thing in Newport Sar”

“What type of thing?”

 “Like a comedy gig, but in a taxi”

“A taxi?”

“Yeah … a taxi.”

Never one to shy away from the strange, this new type of ‘taxi comedy’ sounded intriguing enough to blindly commit to. Committed to and then quickly forgotten, the humour filled taxi-based ‘experience’ finally arrived one October night. I have to confess that the fact that the comedy TOOK PLACE INSIDE A TAXI didn’t hit me until we were stood outside The Riverfront re-enacting that familiar Friday/Saturday night feeling of shivering in the cold, searching the horizon for reassuring orange lights. In my head, I think I had imagined that the gig would take place in some kind of small, slightly grubby, comedy venue where creative types had diligently converted a stage to look like some kind of scene from Taxi Driver and that the audience would be seated in what we would imagine would be ‘the back’…. but no… the gig was ACTUALLY IN A TAXI. And what’s more, that taxi MOVED. So here we are, me and my two friends, waiting for our ride, terrified about what was about to occur…. would we all fit in the taxi? Where were ‘they’ going to take us? Would we have to provide the humour? Would they… …t t tt talk to us? We were afraid.

As we entered the taxi, we soon realised that we were not alone. We had gate-crashed a cab occupied by an alcohol riddled young man dressed as a lady desperate to talk to the surprisingly mute driver. As we weaved our way around Newport, a story unfolded. Passengers left, new passengers (with chips!) arrived and we were part of something special. Our initial reticence and fear subsided and we now felt privileged to have a window on this strange, yet familiar, pathos ridden tale. It was almost as if we had been granted a cloak of invisibility for the evening and here we were in the middle of something secret and in a weird way, real. I have thought about that 20 minutes spent travelling around Newport with a variety of randoms spilling their guts out quite often since. It regularly reassures me that I’m right to answer strange event invites in the affirmative.

Tin Shed Theatre’s next comedic offering is space themed, so make sure you wear your moon boots… I know I’m going to wear mine.

Tin Shed Theatre at Comedy Port 2011…

Mon 10 October : Tin Shed Theatre Scratch Comedy Night “LAUNCH PAD” in URBAN Empty Shops Project (21-22 John Frost Square) 8.30pm until late. £Donation

A scratch comedy night with plenty of talent that’s a little bit out of the ordinary. The space will be kitted out like the inside of a space ship and they will be giving audience the opportunity to dress up as either astronauts or aliens. Just for a bit of fun.

Tues 11 October : The Life and Times of Albert Lymes (Justin Cliffe from Tin Shed Theatre) in URBAN Empty Shops Project (21-22 John Frost Square) 8pm. £5.

Albert Lymes has lived a less than extraordinary life… until today. Arriving home to find his dog has left him, his wife has been replaced by a coconut and his father’s ashes are in a plastic bag on the porch, he embarks on the adventure of self discovery. Albert tells you his hilariously twisted, profoundly insane and possibly moving story, because sometimes you have to lose your mind to find yourself. Beautiful imagery, inventive staging and a surrealist wit make this one-man show stand out.

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Taxi: the journey so far…

Georgina Harris, from Tin Shed Theatre company, has been performing in Taxi every night of Comedy Port. Below she tells us about their journey so far…

So Comedy Port has kicked off with an almighty bang and here at Tin Shed we are well and truly in full swing with a week’s worth of performances for our show Taxi!

Our day times, mine in particular, have been spent endlessly trawling the internet for illusive reviews, a little pastime of mine I must admit. The reception has been great thus far and we must extend a huge thank you to all those passengers who have been brave enough to take a ride, and look forward to all those who are yet to experience it.

The stresses of organising two projects back to back (Comedy Port and Empty Shops Project) are beginning to take their toll and friendships between the Tin Shedders are becoming explosive at times but hey, that’s how we roll, we love each other really.

So as we get ready for another night of cruising around Newport, we look forward to entertaining even more people from the comfort and warmth of the Black Cab.

You can catch Taxi every night till Saturday 16 October, between 5.30pm and 7.30pm. Pick up is from The Riverfront.

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